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About us

We are a family-owned New Zealand small business established in 2023. We aim to provide quality apparel with positive, inspiring, and motivational messages, along with biblical quotes and memes, to our clients.

Our T-Shirts and other accessories are sourced from our local New Zealand and Latin American suppliers, with pre-written and customized printing services provided by us. We offer a range of Biblical, Inspirational texts, Themed pre written, Customized messages and Funny memes with an option for images and pictures, as per the desires of our clients. 


We intend to provide single unit and bulk items to our clients at reasonable prices and within a short timeframe. 

Our aim is to help meet your needs as much as possible and

give you a pleasant experience, every step of the way, whether in person or via our online platforms or emails. 


We focus on meeting the needs of our clients at reasonable prices, with top-notch quality of  printed apparel that we seek to provide to one and all.

Whether you're looking for apparel and accessories for yourself or your business, schools, private training establishments, sports team, youth events or any other church based ministries or other events , we're here to help you find a suitable fit.

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